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Security beyond the user

A new commitment to protect networks from maliciousness

Let’s face it, no matter how often we tell them otherwise, users keep clicking on malicious links contained in unsolicited emails. Or they get served malware through malicious ads. End point protection such as firewalls and traditional AV is not enough anymore, especially not with the increase of mobile device usage.

Response Policy Zones (RPZ) allow networks to publish a security policy on DNS level, which will protect all the users and all the devices. Various different RPZ subsets make it possible to create custom security policies that match your situation's needs.


Real time RPZ feeds

Deteque processes IP and domain data feeds to formulate Response Policy Zones for instant distribution. These fast updates assist system administrators in combatting the latest threats posed by phishing attacks, users clicking on links in spam and employees visiting malicious sites. Modular data makes it possible to tailor the protection level to your own needs.

Resolving resolved

Passive and
active DNS

As a DNS specialist, Deteque processes large volumes of IP and domain data to produce comprehensive passive and active DNS datasets.

Raw data feeds

IP and Domain intelligence

Looking to protect networks, apps and platforms yourself? Deteque's raw security intelligence data allows developers and security companies to create custom datasets tailored to their own usage.

The leader in today's threat technology

Why choose Deteque?

Response Policy Zones are only as good as the data behind them. Publishing RPZ's since 2010, Deteque is without doubt in the forefront of securing networks by DNS policy data.

One of the highest security threats facing your company today is users inadvertently clicking malicious links contained in unsolicited emails, or loading rogue adverts. These will direct users to websites set up for the specific purpose of phishing, downloading malware, ransomware and spyware.

In the worst case scenario, malware hosted on bad sites can lead to complete compromise of a user’s computer and enable cyber criminals and state-sponsored hackers to gain privileged access to corporate networks.

Initially, security administrators mitigated the risk of users clicking on malicious links by deploying end-user protection such as personal firewalls and anti virus software.

Exacerbating the risk, cybercriminals began registering thousands of malicious website domains in an effort to bypass these measures, each domain used for only a handful of malware attacks. As the numbers of malicious domains proliferated, system administrators required faster technology to protect their networks. At the same time, users switch devices more than ever, requiring the need for device-agnostic security policies.

In 2010, Deteque in collaboration with Spamhaus and the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) developed the Spamhaus RPZ providing system administrators with a highly efficient tool to combat the latest phishing threats. Now labeled the Deteque RPZ, it enables selective blocking of DNS resolution of malicious sites, mitigating your security risks in real time.

With the Deteque RPZ service, as soon as a malicious host or domain is listed in your RPZ-aware DNS server, your employees’ and customers’ computers will be unable to resolve the address of the malicious site. Your network will be infinitely safer from the risks of malware, phishing, ransomware and spyware; no matter what device is used.

New threats are incorporated into our RPZ zone files near real time. We’re able to do this with the lowest false positive rate in the industry and you’ll find our pricing is highly competitive. Don't want to setup your own resolvers? Our 'in the cloud' managed RPZ DNS service is ready to serve you protected DNS in a matter of minutes.